The Flow

If something or someone goes out of your life, always give thanks, the Universe is giving you space for something better.
Let it flow. Go with the flow, and soon enough you’ll find yourself in a much better place.


The Helix


M106 Spiral Galaxy as imaged using the Hubble Telescope. Image available at

M106 Spiral Galaxy as imaged using the Hubble Telescope. Image available at

at all levels,

in all sizes,



All in rounds,

all in cycles.


The Helix.


All the levels of creation,

different frequencies,

different scales,

separate our dimensions.

And yet all


and circulates…

all in rounds,

all in cycles.


That which looks still,

is not.


It mumbles and rumbles

like the river.

Can you hear it?

The speed at which you travel,

can you see it?


And at this level,

where we can experience our own consciousness,

we are just a step in this infinite progression of




That, which is inside us,

and outside us,

and that moves,

and its consciousness,

can you feel it?


Yet we are all contained into each other.

Ever traveling.

Ever cycling.

Ever expanding.

Like the Helix.

Dance to connect to the Universe

Dance is an exercise for the soul. To enjoy it you have to stop looking outside and turn your attention to the inside. You are forced to live a moment completely engaged in the present. It is the climax of all the cognitive and spiritual faculties given to us: the natural appreciation for music, the expression of the visual, quick decision making, emotional intention, and ability to learn.

Dance when you are joyous, and dance to seek joy as well. Dance to connect yourself with the Universe, dance to connect with others, just as the wisdom of the ancient cultures brought into sacred practice. For rhythm, pulses, movement, and cycles are the natural state of all things created. From the smallest atom with it’s particles orbiting around it, to the beats of your heart, to the orbiting of the stars around the galaxies and the galaxies moving trough the universe. Our physical world is woven through the steady, rhythmic, movement that happens at every level of the creation.

Danza para conectarte con el Universo

La danza es un ejercicio para el alma. Para disfrutarla, debes dejar de mirar hacia afuera y enfocar tu atención hacia adentro. Mientras danzas, estás forzado a vivir un momento completamente presente en el aquí y el ahora. Es el cónclave de todas las facultades cognitivas y espirituales que nos han sido otorgadas: la apreciación natural por la música, la expresión de lo visual, la capacidad para la toma rápida de decisiones, intención emocional, y la capacidad para aprender.

Danza cuando estés gozoso y danza, a la vez, para sentir gozo. Danza para conectarte con el Universo, y danza para conectarte con los demás, tal como las culturas antiguas hicieron de ésta una práctica sagrada. Pues el ritmo, los pulsos, el movimiento, y los ciclos son el estado natural de todas las cosas que han sido creadas. Desde el más pequeño de los átomos, pasando por los latidos de tu corazón, hasta el orbitar de las estrellas al rededor de su galaxia, y el movimiento de las galaxias en el universo. Nuestro mundo físico está tejido a través del movimiento sostenido y rítmico que ocurre a todos los niveles de la creación.

Photo by Diana Simonetta

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